About AntiAcid

The World's First Impregnating AntiAcid Treatment for Calcareous Stone

We are pleased to introduce to you the worlds first and the most revolutionary AntiAcid treatment for natural Marble, Limestone and Marble Composites.

There are two inherent problems with the use of marble, limestone and there composites as a bench top material. The first is staining due to the absorption of liquids that discolour the stone and the second is marking/etching due to food and beverage type acids reacting/etching with the surface.

Staining is seen as a discoloration of the stone whilst Acid Burn/Etching is seen as a rough dull water mark, such as ring marks from a champagne glass. Acid Burn is very noticeable in certain lighting conditions when looking at the bench top at acute angles. Because of its roughness, the acid burn mark will accumulate dirt and grime will become even more noticeable.

Staining (that is the absorption of liquids to discolour the stone) has been controlled for many years by sealing the bench top with an impregnating sealer. There are many types of impregnating stain resistant sealers available on the market and yet these sealers do not stop or resist the effects of Acids with the surface. There has not been a product available until now that offers any real protection from acids without affecting the surface finish of these stones.

AntiAcid is a preventative treatment and not a total cure against acid burn in natural marble, limestone, composite marble and calcium carbonate based stones.

AntiAcid is an impregnating treatment that sits within the microscopic pores of the stone, just below the surface waiting to react once it comes into contact with an acid. The stone surface whether polished or honed is not affected and there is no change to the look of the stone surface.

AntiAcid offers immediate protection from acid burn by delaying the reaction of acids found in food, drinks and cosmetics and thereafter minimizes the effect of the acid burn to the stone surface.

AntiAcid offers up to 10+ minutes protection from food and drink acids in polished stone surfaces and up to 15+ minutes in honed stone surfaces. Thereafter, the extent and effect of acid burn is minimized.

AntiAcid is recommended to be installed in the factory during the manufacture of bench tops and prior to the bench top being sealed with an impregnating sealer to seal against staining.

AntiAcid is easy to apply, requiring only three steps to make a bench top acid resistant. Refer to installation instructions for further information.

AntiAcid has been scientifically tested and proven by the CSIRO. View the results at the following links:
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